Cleveland Ohio Lake Erie Web Cam.  Streaming live video of Lake Erie. High quality still pictures and live video!  The best on the internet.

Willowick the basic location of the webcam. is looking for some serious sponsors.

There are a lot of people that use the web site. has had 500,000+ visits since it was created a few years ago.  A good handful of them are people that love boating and fishing.

If you own a tackle shop, charter service or anything else related to the water this would be a great way to show your support and would be another great way to get more exposure.

My goal is to upgrade the webcam to High definition and to add more bandwidth to support the needs of the HD upgrade.

If you want to show your support or have any question for Please send an email to address at the bottom.


I have added some new features below

Click the YouTube links below to see a time lapse videos of the lake Erie freezing in 2013

Youtube - Lake Erie freezing time lapse, 1st freeze.

Youtube - Lake Erie refreeze 28 days of February time lapse.


up-to-date archive of the last 2 hours of stills.

This is great as it lets you see something you may have missed and help predict if the lake is getting calm or rougher. Let me know if you like this new feature.

Click the image below for the live archive



Picture Gallery

This contains great pictures mostly of lake Erie.
These are for sale. You select the picture, the type and size.
You can have a great piece of local art while helping to support
All pictures have been taken by me.

Click the image below for the gallery.


Live stream is still disable I don't have the bandwidth for all the connections. I am up on a slower network connection. donations or sponsors could change that.

Thank You to all the people that have supported!



Please Donate by clicking the paypal button below.

Right now everything that makes run is paid for out of pocket.

That includes the web server, domain name, and all the hardware.

Any little bit helps.  Please feel free to donate to

Depending how well the donations work  I would love to add extra features and enhancements.


Feel free to send an email. is looking for any feedback.  The feedback will make this a better site.

What do you use the site for? Boating, fishing, the view?

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